2nd Annual Army/Navy Game with Hancock AJROTC

Submitted by Chief Thorman

On December 6, 2008, Picayune NJROTC attended their second annual Army/ Navy game against Hancock

AJROTC. Both units gathered together for a day of fun and watched Annapolis Naval Academy and the United

States Military Academy at West Point face off in their yearly game. After the showing of the actual game, they

gathered in Chief's yard and held a game of their own. Annapolis was not the only Naval team finishing the day

with a victory, as Picayune NJROTC also prevailed, beating Hancock AJROTC by a final score of 52 to 49.

Commanding Officers and Color Guard commanders from each unit coming together to perform a

Color Guard to start off the day's tasks.


Master Sergeant Cooper (left) of Hancock High School AJROTC and Chief Thorman of Picayune

Memorial High School NJROTC holding the Army/ Navy trophy with their unit's behind them.

Picayune NJROTC huddling in a circle waiting to hear their next play.

Cadets from both units enjoying a game of football.