People, who are successful in life, who succeed in business, industry and education have

often developed a strong self-discipline, an ability to lead and motivate others, and a well

rounded character. Naval Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (NJROTC) teaches

you self-discipline, self-confidence, and leadership skills that can help you successfully

meet life's challenges NJROTC curriculum, instruction, and activities are designed to

develop your leadership ability regardless of your career path.
The Naval Science curriculum is usually three years in length, although some high schools

have a four year program. It consists of a minimum of 180 class periods per year of formal

classroom training supplemented by ship training cruises, orientation visits, and field trips

to various naval activities to enhance classroom studies. The naval science curriculum

includes seamanship, oceanography, meteorology, astronomy, navigation, radar and

sonar electronics, and leadership. 

Like most young adults, cadets strive to prepare themselves for the future. Naval JROTC

can help students who are competing for either an ROTC scholarship or an appointment

to the Naval Academy or to other service academies. While you are under no obligation

to join the armed services, some do enlist. Successful completion of the NJROTC Program

allows entry into the armed forces up to two pay grades higher than your fellow enlistees

without JROTC experience. Naval JROTC provides you with an excellent opportunity

to build strong and lasting friendships.

The Community/School.
Naval JROTC encourages participation in community/school programs and projects. It

encourages civic responsibility, and helps to develop strong and informed leaders for the

future. You will also learn to take great pride in your Country, your Navy, your uniform


Being a Naval Junior ROTC cadet is not all work. You may attend dances and military

balls sponsored by your Junior ROTC unit ... Take part in school activities at athletic

events as part of a color guard or drill team ... and much more.
You may also participate in a variety of other activities such as field trips, field days, tours

of naval installations and trips on Navy ships and aircraft. You may also atten mini-enlisted

boot camp, mini-officer candidate school, or leadership academies. 


Dedication ... Determination ... a strong desire to be a well rounded young American of

high character. The Navy provides all books, drill equipment and uniforms, at no cost to

the student.