August 27, 2013


Come Together, Right Now

By Carey Meitzler

Starting at this moment, the Maroon Tide Nation needs to be focused on a very good turnout at Petal on Friday

and start making plans to be at the home opener the following week against another tough opponent, the

D’Iberville Warriors.  

No idea is a bad idea; sometimes it takes time to come to a better solution.  What has transpired the past few days

does not make winners or losers of anyone;  my hope is that it strengthens our resolve as a very determined fan

base to roll up our sleeves and work together to solve any roadblocks that come forth in our community,

particularly our school system.  That starts by encouraging all in the community who are able to show up for

the Maroon Tide games, (particularly the home games) and be loud, be united, be the difference maker.  

My oldest son will tell you that running onto the field during the fight song to a pack Maroon Tide Nation in the

stands was so motivating during his three (3) years playing at Picayune.  Other parents will tell you the same type

experiences their sons have shared. Players knew they (fans) had your back.  The magic has been back for

a number of years; get involved and be a part of it.  This year could be another one of those special ones.

As I stated in a post on David Farrell at-Large, the schedule fell this year where there are only four (4) home

games in the regular season.  This puts the athletic revenues in a very tough situation.   It is the responsibility of

all of us to find ways to help: donate money, buy merchandise through the Touchdown Club, drop a few extra

dollars at the concession stand, whatever it takes.  Let’s adopt the same mentality that Coach Lee and his

staff evangelize to the players:  MTXE. Mental Toughness eXtreme Effort.  

Let’s do all the little things right…together… and then we can all take on the bigger issues easier..together. 

Let's come together, right now.

Let’s have a great season and Roll Tide Roll!!