Some Things Remain the Same While Others Are Missed
By Carey Meitzler

When it appeared that many changes were in store for Maroon Tide basketball, a lot of things remain the same.

With the retirement of Coach Dean Shaw and the  move of assistant coach Dennis Peterson to Mercy Cross,

many wondered what fate the boys program might encounter. Well, I think the answer is now very clear.
Stealing a line from All State Insurance, we're in good hands with Daniel Kennedy.

Kennedy played for Shaw at Picayune and spent two years on the staff as an assistant.   Personally, I do not believe

in cloning, however, I joked with my friend Nicky Guidry that we might want to do some DNA testing on the two

gentlemen because they are so similar in so many ways.  Both are extremely humble and both always poor mouth

about how “we may not win 10 games”.  Both are good family men, good Christians, and solid in their knowledge

of how to handle young men.  From what I've seen and read about the Colts' Tony Dungy and Da Bears' Lovie Smith,

Dean and Daniel are cut from the same mold and are proof you can do it with class, dignity, and not have to rant and

rave or use profanity to get it done. 

Coach K (Kennedy) will be the first to say that Shaw has been the best mentor anyone could ask for and has been

there to help and lend advice whenever needed.  In the end, the transition has been like the movie Ground Hog Day;

the same result everyday with slight  tweaking as time goes on. When Dean Shaw thought of stepping side, he told

everyone that Coach K was the right guy in spite of never being a head coach.  Add to the fact that the Tide's division

(8-4A) may be the best from top to bottom of any other in the state.  Kennedy has his team off to an impressive 23- 5

mark thus far and with the way Kennedy has handled his team and his tireless work ethic, it's like watching a good

rerun.   Don't forget that Kennedy has done it with an inexperienced staff of assistants, only two seniors on the entire

squad, and without the fan support the Maroon Tide Nation has shown so many times whether it was at Kelly Wise

in Picayune, on the road, in the division tournaments, South State, or the Big House in Jackson.

So Maroon Tide Nation, I hope you rise up and create crowd control problems in Pass Christian starting on

February 15th when Picayune will play their first game in the Division 8-4A tournament.   How about a rerun from the

Nation?   You have been missed. It's never too late.

The other thing a host of others have missed is Rob Sigler.  Sig loved what he did.  I once read that if you enjoy

what you do, it's not work.  It was evident that Sig loved sports.  He was an avid 49ers, Giants, DSU Fightin' Okra,

and Maroon Tide fan.  During basketball season, if Kelly Wise was open for a game, he was there early.  Rob came to

see the JV teams to get a feel for what the upcoming years would hold for the Maroon Tide.  He loved to mingle with the
crowd, players, parents, WRJW radio crew; he was just happy to be there.

Rob did a great job of covering the local sports scene and would give you more than just the story on the latest Tide

game. He would find something interesting like a fact, a trend, an insight on one of our players or the opponent.  You

could count on Rob for a look ahead in Tuesday version of the Item. He would cover the story in his own words because

he was there. His game reports were always written to give you a feel for what happened if you weren't there, and if you

were, he reminded you of things that made you repaint a vision in your mind.  He kept the Maroon Tide Nation abreast

of who we were playing, when, and what to expect from the opponent.  One avid Maroon Tide fan told me that it is his

belief that the lack of that preview and overall coverage has hurt the crowds.  He said he believes that alot of people,

especially the elderly, do not have access to the web and rely on the print media for information on what's coming up

for the Maroon Tide.  I am not sure why the Nation has not been there.

Rob stopped by the Harrison Central game this past Friday and talked with me on the broadcast during half time.  We

had a good visit recalling past games and some great  times in Maroon Tide basketball we have shared together over

the years. The only thing that bothered me was that we didn't get to partake in one of our all time favorite rituals of traveling

the roads across the state of Mississippi : Friday Night Fries after the game.  Maybe next time ol' pal.

Rob is doing well at the Laurel Leader Call as the Managing Editor, but his move up the food chain was a loss to

Picayune sports. I stay in touch with Rob, but it's not the same as having him in the ‘Yune.   We miss you Rob.