2009-2010 Robotics--Team Chaos




Pearl River Robotics Team was created in 2006. Our motto and quote is,

"The keys to knowledge and inspiration lie within the chaos of ourselves"  

which created our name, Team Chaos. In 2006, 2008, and 2010 we won

regional competitions allowing us to progress to the national competition in

Atlanta, GA. This year we won in Westwego, LA and we will be competing

at Nationals with 300 other qualified teams.

The high school robotocs team reaches new heights. They competed at the

Nationals in Atlanta GA and finished in second place alliance in the Currie

division.  This is the first time any winner from The Bayou Regional on New

Orleans area has finished so high. Team Chaos finished qualification matches

ranked eleventh out of 86 teams in the Currie divison.

Check out USFirst.org for more details about Robotics.

Submitted photo